Water the lawn

Water the lawn

How often to water your lawn?

Two schools oppose this question: the supporters of an intensive watering per week, and the gardeners believing that a light watering every two days is the best way to obtain a dense and green lawn. In practice, it all depends on the age of your lawn: if it has been growing for several years, and its roots are well developed, a single watering per week is more than enough. On the other hand, the young shoots require more regular watering, especially in the summer period.

How much water to use for watering?

If you have a rain gauge, it is easy for you to analyze the amount of water received by your lawn. Be aware that most gardeners recommend 4 millimeters of water per day, or four liters per square meter (approximately 20 minutes with an automatic sprinkler). If this amount may seem very high, it is the best way to keep a green lawn. It is more expensive to "green" a lawn that has turned yellow due to lack of water than to keep it in shape all year round.

Manual or automatic watering?

For small areas of lawn, automatic watering is not useful because its installation would be too expensive and unprofitable. On the other hand, on large lawns, it is very interesting to set up an automatic watering system: no loss or waste of water, uniform and regular watering, less maintenance to be planned…