How to highlight a small carpet?

How to highlight a small carpet?

Choose the location of a small rug

This is THE golden rule for showcase a small rug : position it in the right place. Placed in the middle of a huge minimalist room, it would seem completely lost. Stuck between the edge of the sofa and the legs of the armchair, completely submerged. The right idea? Find a location that allows you to keep several tens of centimeters of space around the carpet, and especially not stick it to furniture or walls. It must be visible, without being lost.

This is why the small rug adapts perfectly to small spaces. In a narrow hallway, in a studio or to give style to a small bedroom, it is perfect, and no need to do more to enhance it. In a large room, we cheat by aligning the small carpet along the furniture to delimit spaces and create nooks, for example at the foot of a bed or along the kitchen furniture. Without sticking it, we repeat!

Play with a small rug

Because small rugs allow all madness without the risk of overdose, we love to choose them graphic, colorful and patterned. To highlight these small arty models, we play with the color as a reminder in the rest of the room, quite simply! A cushion, a plaid, curtains, a lamp or a table, everything is good for vibrating the color and, by extension, drawing attention to the carpet. Especially if it is placed in the middle of the space, the central point of the color reminders. Same method, other principle, with a small carpet of soft color, we just play on the contrast to bring it out: colors all around, a lighter or darker floor ... Simple but effective!

A small cocooning carpet

Another atmosphere, another idea, the little rug can also be highlighted in a corner that is entirely dedicated to it, or almost. Clear ? We use a lost space to place the carpet, an armchair or matching cushions, a lamp and a pedestal table. We gain a cocooning corner to read, play or daydream, which sublimates a soft little rug or travel report. To meditate after a long day, we love it, especially with a little animal skin effect rug.

A small carpet ... on the wall

Nothing to do, impossible to find the perfect place for our favorite little rug. How about transforming it into a painting? Its size lends itself to it and as long as the carpet is design and / or colorful, it can easily be transformed into a real wall decoration. Especially since the method is not complicated, especially with a small carpet lighter than the big ones: we fix the upper edge of the carpet on a wooden strip by folding it, sewing or nailing it, as desired , in the direction desired for hanging. Then simply attach the rod securely to the wall. Any more tips? Hanging horizontally, a small rug turns into a headboard original and decorative!

Furnish a small rug

We said it, no question of isolating a small carpet alone in the middle of a room. However, it can be used to create a miniature island by accommodating some furniture of the appropriate size. Posed in front of a small cozy sofa, it is enhanced by a miniature coffee table with a bohemian spirit. And in a child's room, a small round carpet can even serve as a refuge for a table and a few chairs for an ultra-fun drawing space!