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How to maintain your outdoor railing?

How to maintain your outdoor railing?

Outdoor balustrades are subject to bad weather: exposure to the sun, rain, humidity, temperature changes, etc. It is therefore necessary to protect and renovate them regularly so that they retain all their splendor. Here are some tips to restore your exterior balustrades and railings to their top marks!

Wrought iron balustrade

Wrought iron is not a difficult material to maintain. However, it requires a specific treatment that you can carry out yourself with suitable equipment. Start by cleaning your ramp using a wire brush to remove traces of rust and dirt. Emery cloth is also very suitable for this task, but the most effective is the rod brush mounted on a drill (especially for bars). Finish by polishing with polishing paste and a felt or cotton polishing disc. Do not try to make your balustrade shine because wrought iron is a matte material. If the balustrade is very rusty, it is also possible to cover it, once stripped, with an anti-rust product, then with a special iron paint (rather matte than shiny). Before you get started, check the weather first! It is important to work in dry weather that is not sunny because the anti-rust paint should not dry too quickly.

Wooden balustrade

Wood, a noble and aesthetic material, is said to be difficult to maintain. An a priori that no longer needs to be thanks to the many existing products that prove to be very effective. Coarsely sand the wood or brush it so that it can "breathe". To keep its natural appearance, you can cover your balustrade with a special wood protective oil which will notably limit the appearance of the silver gray patina. Indeed whatever the essence of the wood, it ends up "graying" over time (rain, UV ...). If the wood is very gray, you can apply a sober (which is mostly in powder form), then a saturator. The latter is a kind of resin that gives the wood its original color. Coupled, these two treatments will allow your balustrade to find the most natural pigmentation possible. Color lovers will opt for a special wood paint or stain. The more it is loaded with pigments, the more the wood will be protected (be careful, however, of too dark paints which "heat" the wood). To your brushes! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"